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Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance and/or Cleaning services help keep your outdoor environment beautiful!

A Plus Pool Services, LLC of Gilbert, Arizona is a full-service maintenance and cleaning company. Our friendly and professional staff will make your pool look as new as the day it was purchased. Call today for a free quote about our offered services:

one-time-cleaning-smOne Time Cleaning- A Plus Pool Service will vacuum, backwash (as needed), empty baskets, skim off leaves and debris, brush walls, and clean steps and seating areas. We also will check, test, and balance your swimming pool chemicals, and we thoroughly check equipment operation and water circulation. If more service is needed, our technician will notify you and provide an estimate of the additional work. If applicable, we also clean salt cell. Call for a one-time cleaning quote, but weekly full-service cleaning prices start at $90/month.





green-pool-turn-around-smGreen Pool Turnaround- Often times, a new client will call us because they came back from a vacation or business trip to a green pool. Although they may have the knowledge to clean and maintain their own pool normally, a green pool turnaround is a different situation. If this happens to you, our techs will test your PH alkalinity and then add the appropriate amount of chlorine and shock that will kill the algae that has invaded your pool. We will also add a copper-based algaecide, and then vacuum and clean your pool filter. If more than chemical treatment is needed, we will go the extra step and drain, clean and then refill your pool.





filter-cleaning-smFilter Cleaning- A Plus Pool Service is experienced with all swimming pool filters. Sand filters are one of the easiest to maintain since water is pushed through a bed of silica sand and removed through a set of lateral tubes at the bottom. Cartridges are considered to be economical and low maintenance filters. With these, water passes though a filter material and the filter captures the debris. DE (Diatomaceous Earth) is a filter considered to be “the water polisher.” Diatomaceous Earth is the mined and fossilized exoskeletons of tiny diatoms which are used to coat “grids” in the filter housing and act as tiny sieves to remove debris. They are very small and can filter out particles as small as 5 microns.





tile-cleaning-smTile Cleaning- For a tile clean, an A Plus Pool Service tech will lower the water level to expose the tile lines, use pressurized air with glass media, nozzle down and add minerals (such as magnesium sulphate), and remove the calcium and hard water deposits. Finally, he or she will vacuum and fill the pool with water. This process normally takes 3 to 4 hours, but could be longer depending upon the size of your pool and the cleaning needed.





acid-wash-smPool Acid Wash- A Plus Pool Service recommends acid wash for swimming pools with stains that cannot come out with normal cleaning treatments. This is a process that uses muriatic acid (or something comparable) and should be done as often as needed — more often if your pool is prone to getting black algae and other forms of staining. The pool must be drained to accommodate this process and will be filled upon the completion of the acid wash.





chlorine-wash-smChlorine Wash- A chlorine wash is a great way to get your pool looking new again when you’re having recurring issues with algae — particularly green or yellow algae. The pool must be drained to accommodate this process, but will be filled upon completion. The chlorine wash can bring a pool back to easily maintainable levels.





A Plus Pool Service uses only quality name brand products such as Hayward and Pentair designed to give you the best value for your money all while remaining dependable for years to come. As a family-owned and operated business we understand that it is customer satisfaction that drives our company. Our company offers monthly specials! Give us the opportunity to meet with you and win your business. Call today (480) 802-5298 and let’s get started!

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