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Repair and Install

Let A Plus Repair or Install your outdoor related items to increase value and enjoyment . . .

A Plus Pool Service provides repair to all sorts of swimming pool ailments such as leaks, broken tiles, equipment, and pool deck repair. If replacement is needed, we also install motor pumps, filters, and plumbing/electrical equipment.


motor-replacementMotor Installs- A Plus Pool Service offers all varieties of energy efficient motors, from 1/2 HP up to 4 HP for either replacement or installation. We carry brands like Hayward, Whisper Flow, Pentair, and more. We keep most motors in stock so we can get your pool flowing as quickly as possible. For best results, call us today to send out one of our techs to give you an estimate.





salt-water-cellSalt System Conversions- A Plus Pool Service can help you be an “eco-friendly” family with a salt water pool. We can even turn a traditional chemical system into a salt system. Salt systems save owners time and reduce the amount of chemicals in a pool or spa. By limiting harsh chemicals, there’s less chance the water will burn eyes, dry out skin, damage hair, or ruin swimwear. Salt systems also don’t produce the annoying tastes and odors that traditional chemical systems use.





heater-heat-pumpsHeaters and Heat Pumps- Heating your pool allows for year-round enjoyment and increases the return on your investment as a homeowner. We offer two basic types of pool heat pumps: air source and water source. Both usually last 10–15 years or more, but require periodic service. A Plus Pool Service specializes in the three most common types of heating systems: solar, electric, and gas. If you opt for propane, however, we can also accommodate you. Consult us to find the best solution for your needs.





pool-plumbing-leak-fixPlumbing Leaks-Whether a leak develops due to normal wear and tear or an extraordinary circumstance even the best maintained pool will eventually develop water loss. A Plus Pool Service can detect and correct a swimming pool leak. The most common swimming pool leaks are swimming pool plumbing leaks and shell leaks. Our techs can quickly diagnose and correct your trouble and get your pool running efficiently again.





lighting-fixturesLight Fixtures- Lights can give you more time to enjoy the pool, add ambiance, and help with safety, but with so many choices for lights, including LED, solar, and traditional lighting, pool owners can get overwhelmed rather quickly. Let our lighting experts help you choose in-ground or above ground pool lights, fiber optics with changing light effects, or embellishments such as fountain lights and landscape lighting.





A Plus Pool Service uses only quality name brand products such as Hayward and Pentair designed to give you the best value for your money all while remaining dependable for years to come. As a family-owned and operated business we understand that it is customer satisfaction that drives our company. Our company offers monthly specials! Give us the opportunity to meet with you and win your business. Call today (480) 802-5298 and let’s get started!

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